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STC Membership Application


Please complete the following new member application to join the Springfield Tech Council. All memberships renew in January. NOTE: Rates for new members are pro-rated based on the month you join. 

Individual and student membership rates are discounted through February 2022:

  • STUDENTS: Use the promotion code STUDENT when submitting your membership application.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Use the promotion code WINTERDISC when submitting your membership application.

If you have questions, please contact us at info@sgftechcouncil.com.

Select An Option

Corporate memberships are based on your level of full-time employment1 at your Springfield facility(ies) and allow all your employees to take advantage of the many benefits available:

  • Discounted rates to some STC events
  • Free annual pass to specific programmatic events
  • Access to the STC resume board
  • Basic listing in our online business directory
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Recommend select company news for sharing on STC social media channels
  • Free job postings on the STC jobs board
  • Discounted subscription to StormWinds training library

1Employee count is for all full-time employees, not just tech-focused job titles.

An individual membership is available under the following guidelines:

  1. Your business has not signed on as a corporate member
  2. You are not currently affiliated with a business.

Benefits include:

  • access to post or view our upcoming resume board
  • Access to view or post on our upcoming jobs board
  • Discounted rates to some STC events
  • Recognition as a founding member on the STC web site (if you sign up before December 31, 2021)
  • Free admission to specific monthly programmatic events

Available to current students enrolled in high school or a post-secondary education institution. 

Benefits include:

  • Access to post or view the upcoming resume board
  • Access to view an upcoming jobs board
  • Discounted rates to some STC events
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